About El3ab.com

The early beginnings

In 2002, Link dot net released El3ab, a gaming portal that grew powerfully to become Egypt's top rated gaming hub in a brief period.

El3ab catered to the gaming market with a selection of Arabic games such as Backgammon and card games mostly played in social settings.

Formerly, El3ab relied upon Adobe Flash Player to account for web users' needs.

The first reform

In 2008, El3ab went through a thoughtful reform when Link online took the product's lead and assigned a pro team to rethink the portal and its games.

Hitting the success peak

These diligent efforts led to El3ab dominating the gaming industry across the Middle East, yielding an unprecedented growth rate until 2014.

Acquisition by A15

On October 2015, El3ab's product management transitioned from Link Online to A15 that clearly realized the vital importance of updating the legacy portal and its games to adapt to the current operating systems.

The product's team formulated a plan focusing primarily on changing the server's operating systems and the portal's programming language as steps to rebuild the games using HTML 5 and releasing mobile and tablet versions.

Growing as an independent venture

All of these developmental steps accentuated the need for treating El3ab as an independent venture specialized in gaming as El3ab's new version was about to be released. And, in 2016, El3ab became independent accordingly.

Introducing Estimation kings

Out of all the legacy games, El3ab's team believed that Estimation would provide a remarkable gaming experience if released first to work on all the current operating systems.

What supported this move is a study El3ab conducted in the Middle Eastern and international gaming market, in addition to El3ab's card games expertise that supported the choice of Estimation.

Despite the game's huge popularity among millions of youth, gaming developers abandoned designing and releasing it with the proper quality and specs to cater to today's youth needs. And that is precisely why El3ab decided to introduce the all new Estimation Kings.

Estimation Kings is El3ab's first new release that operates on all devices using different operating systems. The game is similar to some renowned card games such as Spade and Jacks yet with more challenge built into it.

People who learn how to play Estimation, can effortlessly learn to play different card games. We believe that Estimation kings will stir the market with its state of the art user experience. It is the first child that received due care and attention in its upbringing.